Service offering

We offer a specialized set of services listed below

Application Security


We specialize in finding bugs and improving the development process to avoid classes of bugs. We can work closely with your internal application security team, developers and testers to integrate security into the development life cycle and automate the elimination of security bugs early in the process.

Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing

We test your infrastructure from a given starting point, such as the internet or the internal corporate network. The discovery of simple vulnerabilites is automated so we can focus on finding the more complex ones. We exploit the vulnerabilities in a controlled manner to provide a realistic severity based on both system and business impact and to ensure no false positives are reported.

Application Penetration Testing

Application Penetration Testing

We test your applications end-to-end, regardless of the platform and technologies used. We find bugs others miss in your web, mobile, thick client and embedded applications.

Code Review

Supplementing your security testing with secure code reviews will help you uncover complex issues in your codebase and find code paths that are hard to test during a black box assessment. We are experienced in secure code review for a multitude of technologies and have found bugs that have gone unnoticed for years using this method. Secure code reviews are also suitable for organizations deploying code rapidly, and we believe in triggering secure code reviews for commits that satisfy certain criteria such as changing APIs routes or touching files containing security-sensitive logic.

Red Team and Assume Breach

For organizations with a mature security program, we can perform attacks simulating real adversaries. A Red Team or Assumed Breach Exercise will train the organization in being the victim of a targeted cyber attack. Both technical and managerial staff is included to measure how the organization handles the attack. Instead of focusing on uncovering vulnerabilities in individual systems, we will use misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, weak processes and optionally social engineering to reach pre-defined goals.


Training your developers in common vulnerability classes and how to avoid them in their day-to-day work is a valuable investment. Not only will developers appreciate the learning process, but your organization will benefit from fewer security bugs making it to production. We help increase the security awareness of your developers on a code level, enabling them to look at the code and product development from a penetration tester's perspective.