We are looking for skilled individuals within hands-on technical cyber security to join our team! We are a small team with a highly specialized skill-set who do what we do best, which is focused around application security and penetration testing. Send us an email if you are interested in having a chat.

You can find a job listing in Norwegian at Arbeidsplassen.

Working at Binary Security

One of the main reasons why we started Binary Security was to do what we do best on our terms. This has created a work environment with colleagues that are passionate about what we do. We believe this leads to higher quality in our work and encourages learning from each other.

With that said, work life balance is important for us and should be important for you. We frown upon overtime and will never take on more work than we can handle and still deliver on with high quality. Life is often easier without a fixed work schedule, and as long as we have some degree of predictability, we are open to flexible work hours and long vacations and leaves. We would love it if you join us at the office in Oslo from time to time, but as long as the current project allows it, you are free to work from wherever.

We appreciate what it requires to stay on top of the developments in our industry, and all employees at Binary Security have 20% of their time reserved for research.

All employees in Binary Security receive a high salary and we have no issues being up-front with what we can offer. It is not a goal in Binary Security to have a high profit margin per employee.